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About Us
Double D Log & Custom Homes was founded in 1979 by Richard DePriest. DePriest is a highly skilled craftsmen who bring over 28 years experience and exceptionally broad range of talent, artistry and expertise to each home they build.

The company offers frame construction and a choice of both milled or handcrafted log packages to customers. They provide a choice of two styles of log buildings. The (1.) Traditional Scandinavian full-scribe where each log is molded to the contours of the timber beneath it in the wall and the (2.) Full round chinked. It has saddle-notched log corners and chinking. Our custom log homes are created log by log in the Double D log yard. These magnificent homes are pre-built to guarantee the tightest possible fit. Once the log work is completed the home is dis-assembled and moved to your building site and erected by the company crew. We are your general contractor and your carpenters to insure the highest standard of quality construction is achieved. Double D uses only quality materials which will withstand our rigorous mountain environment.

We Are Unique!

  • We offer our customers firm contract bids.
  • We are your general contractor and your carpenters.
  • We own and operate our own equipment-cranes, backhoes, bobcats, chainsaws etc.
  • When ever possible, we eliminate the middle man which gives us control over the quality of our product.
  • We use only quality materials which are proven for our extreme environment.
  • We are members of the Home Builders Association of the Upper Rio Grande. We have applicable insurance policies and adhere to the builders code of ethics.
  • We personally take PRIDE in the quality of the homes we build. That's why we say "Our Homes Speak for Themselves."



Double D Log and Custom Homes, LLC. is located in Creede, Colorado.
We build in the Mineral, Rio Grande and Hinsdale counties of Colorado.
To arrange for a tour of our homes or for more information contact us using the information below or fill out the contact request form below and we will be in touch with you promptly.

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Phone: 719.658.2613 : Fax: 719.658.3097 : Email : PO Box 136 : Creede, CO 81130

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